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Provider of the Colorful Taste of Indonesia

“In the next ten years, we believe that Indonesia is set to become a paradise for investment given our large domestic market and access to natural resources.”

Mr Gunawan Wibisono, President Director

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Organisational Structure

Gunawan Wibisono

President Director and Co-Founder

Mr Gunawan serves as the President Director and as a co-founder of Sumber Inti Pangan. Prior to establishing the company, Mr Gunawan had garnered longstanding experience in the F&B industry including the field of research & development. Mr Gunawan plays an active role in the operations as well as management at Sumber Inti Pangan and as such, he is recognised for his numerous contributions to the company’s successes.

Roni Iswara


Mr Roni Iswara is one of the co-founders of Sumber Inti Pangan. He has years of experience in the F&B manufacturing industry and is actively engaged in the marketing operations at the company. Mr Roni is largely credited for his influential role in spearheading Sumber Inti Pangan’s steadfast growth.

Our Factory

Sumber Inti Pangan’s manufacturing facilities are located in Kuningan, West Java province, providing the company with direct access to raw materials. Furthermore, the company also sources its herbs and spices from Sumatra, Central Java as well as East Java, demonstrating its ability to form close cooperation with farmers and smallholders to readily ensure the availability of high-quality herbs and spices. Sumber Inti Pangan’s broad network of suppliers is part of the company’s efficient supply chain management system which helps in the sustainable sourcing of raw materials.

The company’s manufacturing capabilities have also been recognised for its implementation of Good Manufacturing Practises as well as HACCP standards. This illustrates the efforts of the company to maintain hazard analysis and food hygiene system that makes Sumber Inti Pangan the ideal partner in identifying, sourcing and processing Indonesian herbs and spices.

Our Certifications

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Badan Pom RI

Good Manufacturing Practices for Processed Food

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Halal Certifications

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Food Safety System Certification

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URSA Audit

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Dinas Peternakan Provinsi Jawa Barat

Nomor Kontrol Veteriner

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Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan

Good Manufacturing Practices


Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Our Networks

Sumber Inti Pangan currently supplies spices and seasonings to companies in Africa, Middle East and Asia, testament to its R&D capabilities as well as international expansion strategies. As such, Sumber Inti Pangan is attuned to the needs of its international clients by developing custom blend seasonings and flavours that caters to the specific flavour profiles and local palettes of the market in question for a variety of sought-after products. Moreover, in reaching out to discerning customers, Sumber Inti Pangan has taken an active approach to obtaining international certifications such as HACCP and GMP. In attaining these certifications and compliance of standardisation and quality control, the company has gained the trust of its foreign clients. Through its international network, Sumber Inti Pangan showcases its prominent commitment to innovation in product development as well as the implementation of effective supply chain management strategies.